St Thomas Beach Resort

History of St Thomas

History of this True Island Paradise in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Christopher Columbus has been credited with "discovering" Saint Thomas during his second voyage to the New World in 1493. The island, however, was left unguarded by Spain and became a haven for pirates.

Small independent settlements dotted the island for centuries before a permanent town was established. Later the Dutch arrived, followed by Danish settlers. The island is a showcase with stunning examples of Danish Colonial architecture along with the vibrant markets and cultural sites of the island’s indigenous West Indian population. 

Today, the white sandy beaches, colorful culture and exotic natural beauty of Saint Thomas attract visitors from across the globe. From world-class shopping and fine dining, to an endless variety of exciting outdoor adventures including kayaking, scuba diving, sailing, sport-fishing and more. The paradise of Saint Thomas offers the perfect Caribbean vacation spot for families, romantic getaways and celebrating life’s most important occasions.